iDEA Objectives

Core Objectives

  • To provide consultancy services in environmental management and safety, environmental and social impact and assessment, environmental audit, feasibility studies, monitoring and evaluation of development projects, baseline surveys, database management, organization and facilitation of training seminars and workshops, training in development of data collection tools and research protocol.
  • To participate in collaborative research, training, and development in partnership with academic, research institutions, non-governmental organizations and development agencies.
  • To provide mentorship for fresh graduates, field attachment for national and international graduate and post graduate-students, hosting and mentorship of international students on research and internship, networking with national and international research and academic institutions , development agencies and NGOs.

Subsidiary Objectives

  • To provide advisory consultancy technical administrative and support services to industries firms businesses companies individuals and others engaged in or connected with the Development Environment Agriculture and Pastoralism.
  • To carry on the business in Kenya and abroad of academic development and educations in the fields of agriculture environment pastoralism science and all other fields ancillary to these and to promote universities institutions colleges schools residential schools and colleges training centers for educating and spreading wareness f literacy and human development through computers and other media and promote research and development in all branches of community development and award doctorate degrees diplomas or such other titles in vogue in the academic field.
  • To facilitate participatory action research development and community outreach through: demonstrations of ideal farming practices promotion of organic livestock and crop farming development of genetic pool for indigenous livestock breeds training and capacity building of local communities in entrepreneurship and agribusiness charitable activities targeting host communities.
  • To collect collate organize use distribute disseminate and make available data and other information in paper electronic or other forms; to print publish and distribute journals reports magazine newsletters periodicals bulletins press releases books surveys and other items in paper audio-visual multi-media or other electronic form or any form whatsoever.
  • To carry on the business as farmers traders stockists and dealers in all kinds of agricultural products importers exporters agents wholesalers retailers distributors buyers sellers producers of organic products eco-friendly products for agriculture and livestock feedlot livestock production customized hay and feed supplements value-added indigenous livestock and plant products related agricultural products fertilizers insecticides pesticides agro-chemicals.